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Building Cheap Is More Fun!
« Reply #15 on: March 05, 2011, 11:25:00 AM »
Than just blowing money on new, expensive stuff.  Also get to know your local, friendly, $cheap$ heavy duty trucking wrecking yard.  Be amazed how much good stuff can be! :)

Just a little bleach does the trick. use too much bleach, then you can neutralize the smell/taste by adding vitamin C crystals.  Then to neutralize the Vitamin C...just add alcohol to suit.

We all know that building that Bus Conversion inexpensively is more fun.  Also we all know that Vitamin C and alcohol prevent scurvey, the bane of all intrepid mobile explorers.  HB of CJ (old coot) :)

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Re: used freshwater tank
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I won't drink out of my "New when I bought it" tank but will use it for cooking since it will probably boil any way, but yes use a used one.

Tom, since you are building your tanks why not go about 10% more capacity on your waste than your fresh, a just in case buffer.

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Re: used freshwater tank
« Reply #17 on: March 05, 2011, 11:36:19 AM »
One of the nice things about having a big bus is the capability to carry lots of water.  A class C motorhome probably will only have a 30-50 gallon fresh water tank.  I had my tanks made since I have a transit and had to use every inch I had.  I ended up with a 130gal fresh, 85gal gray, 45gal black.  Now on my truck conversion, I'm going even bigger (because I can) to 210gal fresh, 110gal gray and 65gal black.  Having small tanks is really a handicap to being able to sit for a week dry camping and not having to worry about water.  I found that if you figure about 10gal per person per day of water, then you can size your tanks (our current 130gal tanks will get the two of us out to 7 days).  Good Luck, TomC

True. With my 2 kids and myself we were only able to go about 3 days without filling up, and that was with us using bottled water for drinking. A week just wouldnt do it. Ahhh, one thing to tackle at a time. It would be pretty easy to add a 2nd tank later on.

Also, I use to add bleach to my fresh water every fill up and of course when it would sit for a week or more at a time (which wasnt often cuz we lived in it). This, I felt, was extra insurance the water safe......
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Re: used freshwater tank
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OK, got the freshwater tank and pump, rooftop AC unit, furnace, dinette, bunch of cabinet doors, two closet doors, and about 8 drawers for $400. Hope I did ok. I wanted to get the propane tank, and captains chairs too, but my 6 yr old patience was wearing thin, and I was pooped! I may go back Next week on my day off and get more junk!

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