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Nice Toad
« on: April 11, 2011, 04:28:47 PM »
Some of you might be interested in a nice roomy toad.  If you need lots of room to haul your stuff behind your bus, here is a nice toad. 

We play Bluegrass Gospel and used to carry all our sound equipment and instruments in our Toyota Tacoma pickup.  It was always a hassle to get everything in and out.  And, we could never solve the problem of water and dust leakage in the camper shell.

Playing the upright bass requires a lot of room along with the guitar and sound equipment.  We started looking at vehicles that would hold everything and could be easily towed without modifications or add-on equipment.  Well, the Ford Taurus X, a cross-over fit the bill perfectly!  It has a nice V-6, a six speed auto transmission and consistently gets 20-21 MPG.  Just put it in neutral, the key in “accessory” position and tow four wheels down!

Ours is a 2008 we bought used and have since towed her about 10,000 miles.  We like it and it is a nice comfortable car.

Gary D

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