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Author Topic: lost job. selling 4104 cheap  (Read 15100 times)

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Re: lost job. selling 4104 cheap
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I understand what you said and what you meant.  Surprisingly, or maybe not, it is easy to do the "wright" thing to/for anyone.  Really, easy as pie.  Disappointing? yes, sometimes.  

I estimate considerably more than half that have heard that story consider me a monster.  Truly....despicable as a parent.  Now, many have just expressed their sorrow...as you have.  The one I think was the most perceptive was a lady, not a romantic entanglement, that looked almost in tears who told me "John, you are the most loving and generous and kind man I have ever met.  What that girl might have done to you for you to take that action I can't imagine but I am so very sorry for the hurt you must have endured."   Of course she had only known me for a few years of frequent, weekly,  social interaction and most probably hadn't discovered my "true character".

My Daddy said to me, many years ago, when I was in my mid thirties,  we, meaning he and my step mother, "Son....we have a pretty nice nest egg saved up for you and your stepbrother to share  when we are gone... I cut him off with "whatever you want to do with your material possessions is a matter of your personal concern.  Personally, for my part, I will feel that you failed in your mission if you have a single red cent the day you draw your last breath.  I want you to entertain yourself to every dimes worth.  Understood?"  I never dreamed I would be that guys care giver for 6 plus years but i got my wish and he got a zillion of his own.  He passed in a really nice care facility  and he was on Medicaid.  He spent enuf time in Disney World to be a part owner and he went flying for more hours than Richard Bach and he ate in more restaurants than.... you get the picture.  And it cost me every cent i had to keep up with him and I set his agenda.  Now there is the point of their having spent hundreds of thousands on her son and his children and that guy's intense resentment of my Dad "wasting all that money on his own entertainment instead of leaving it to my kids".  Some people are just Natural Born Givers.  Ya know?  

Some have sufficient capitol that they would be challenged to spend their accumulated wealth on themselves without doing foolish things and paying accordingly.  God bless them.  I don't travel in the circles of the extremely well heeled so I don't have any feel for the ratios, BUT, it seems that a big chunk of the people that came into large sums of money were pretty much ruined by that happening.  I know it demolished the lives of my kids.  There must be shrinks out there that can look at the kid and the parent and determine how best not to turn the kids life into a train wreck when the inevitable time comes.  And if it turns out that the advice is "you will ruin him/her' then wouldn't the kindest and most loving thing be to pass the wealth on to a charity?  I am a staunch believer in "experts" and their advice.....but then there is the flick "The Illustrated Man"....if you follow.

Musings at best,

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Re: lost job. selling 4104 cheap
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Anyway with the political picture with our dollar falling and oil rising pretty soon diesel will be 5 a gallon then 6 a gallon and so on so forth. I have a bus in South Dakota that I can't get right now and I want it badly!!   I see motorhomes on the end of driveways for sale and see the same ones everyday I drive past.  IF it weren't for the housing crash I would not been able to keep my house and I am still on the verge of losing it just one more hiccup in my life it is gone!!!.  I will not ever sell my buses and will try to get one more.  in fact I am thinking of something to do to make some income with buses. I am good at figureing out how to repair rust and what not.  Also I want to get into rebuilding parts.  Anyway I am sorry for going of the reservation on this string. Suffice it to say,, to the original poster keep that bus because two things are most likely going to happen, if more and more people are going to RVs and buses they will be harder to get. You sell it now you may never get another one for a long time.  I was driving by a house the other day that was foreclosed on and there was all kinds of stuff in the yard furniture clothes blankets two crying people. It is a tough heartless Godless money grubbing self centered hateful dispicable world we are living in and if they had a bus they would have a roof over their heads and you still do to. I think selling your bus is foolish. Mike.

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Re: lost job. selling 4104 cheap
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That is some good advise right there! If anyone is thinking about selling their bus... They should read this thread.

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Re: lost job. selling 4104 cheap
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I have never asked my parents for a loan and hopefully never will.  If I did, I would have every intention of paying it off in full.  My parents will retire in a few months and they won't have a lot of money to loan anyhow.  I have no expectation of a financial windfall when they pass, but it could happen.

My grandfather is in his late 80s and outlived his money a few years back shortly after he went into assisted living.  Luckily the government is paying his bills.

I'm not neither optimistic nor pessimistic about the economy.  The biggest reason right now I could lose my job would be because of technology moving forward.  It is less expensive to have the software companies host the software than for my employer to keep it in-house.  We are already losing one major application to a hosted app and will probably lose more over time.  In five to seven years the economy will likely be begging for workers as a huge retirement wave begins.  Unfortunately, we all have to make it until then.
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Re: lost job. selling 4104 cheap
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Jordon:::  You have received advice from a lot of very wise people who have over come far more than you have and came back to the present generally  better off.. NOW you need to man up and do the right thing with your dad and you you know what that is. Rember you can do what ever you set your mind. The ball  is in your court.

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Re: lost job. selling 4104 cheap
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