Author Topic: Eagle Buses for free, well almost, how's $1 each sound?  (Read 1834 times)

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Eagle Buses for free, well almost, how's $1 each sound?
« on: September 26, 2006, 06:25:57 AM »
Thought I'd let you all know, there are two 45 foot long, 102 wide, raised roof frames on eBay that I have listed for a customer of mine.  I'm making nothing on these.

One is a Model 15, stretched to 45, roof raised I believe 8 inches, fiberglass on sides already and comes with caps.  It has a large slideout opening framed in on the driver side, about 15 feet wide.  Good suspension, good frame with mostly surface rust.  No drivetrain, electrical.

The other, in my opinion, is a nicer frame, but is missing the rear axles and suspension.  They were literally stolen off the bus, long story.  But this frame is built like a brickhouse.  The wheel wells are perfect and better than factory.  It is also a 45x102x8 inch raise bus, was originally a Model 10.  Comes with a new factory wire harness and electrical panel, front and rear caps too.  Look at the pictures and you'll know what I mean about how well it was built.

These are just taking up space that he's having to rent.  Needs them out of there in the next few weeks.


p.s. Just search on ebay for "eagle bus"