Author Topic: Please sign up for the "Help Assist" membership roster  (Read 1702 times)

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Please sign up for the "Help Assist" membership roster
« on: September 27, 2006, 04:57:18 AM »
Hello everyone,

I am asking that everyone possible consider singining up for Dave Siegal,s "Help Assist" program he has assembled on the (MAK BULLETIN BOArd) for us all to use if needed.  I have held back also for quite some time since he started it and have no earthly idea why??  But after seeing in yesterday's post, (September 26, 2006) about Cliff & Julie (Floridacracker) and the exhaust problem they had while on the road it convinced me quickly to stop pro-crastinating and get in there incase I can help.  So I am asking that the rest of you also take Cliff's (Near-Miss) situation with his bus as an omen to say you also want to reach out and offer to (Help or Assist)  in case you need one of us in the future for yourself.

Remember also, a lot of us have older buses, age had a way of deterioating the exhaust systems, air hoses etc. and we can easily let things slip by thinking these old girls are built to last a life time.  NOT!!!  Assistance on the road has got to be real, real expensive especially when everyone sees us driving a big bus and thinks, WOW, a quick buck ($$$$$$) here and if they can drive a bus they can afford it!!!  You know I am right on this one.

Thanks to NCBOB in helping Cliff & Family again on their trip and now we also have to opportunity to reach out and help everyone we can when needed.  Everyone please feel free to ask for my assistance when in the Greenville, SC area, you can get my information on Dave's Help Assist list in reaching me, and that is any time of Day or Night!!  I am retired and my Eagle, ("Rustless Money Pit") can wait another day if I can help any of you in a bad situation, believe me.

One last note: Please inspect your buses to the most minute details especially at your home base before & after trips, no better time to do a little "PREVENTATIVE "Maintenance on your bus on your own property and at your leisure to prevent obvious safety issues from causing you, your family, others on the road you meet and your bus's safety, This just has got to be your #1 priority.  Keep inspecting on the road at campgrounds etc. for obvious safety issues also and do not assume because you inspected before your trip that everything will stay that way, remember the bus's (AGE) is against us, everyday!!

Please take advantage of the program Dave has offered, sign up and also use when needed, Dave will instantly become a very good friend for sure after needing & utilizing the "Help Assist" list especially.  I personaly thank Dave for this idea and his list and know I will feel better when ever my bus is roadworthy again that I can count on assistance if needed even perhaps someone driving my bus back home should I personaly take sick on the road, there is a lot of scenario's here that could give you piece of mind.