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Re: Generator
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I have a liquid cooled Honda 6500 that is a propane unit. I can't argue with those that have diesel powered units because they are probably your best option. I would however hold out and lean the propane and liquid cooled way if you decide to go in that direction. Just another 2 cents in the till.....
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Re: Generator
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I Have it plumbed through removable 1"3/4 pointing down in the engine compartment for now, like I mentioned earlier it is only temporary. At one time I had mind to build a box for it, but it would only be a waste of materials for a gas jobby, besides the last thing I wanted was gas in an enclosed area. Let me say that mine is not the ideal way to go if you have a budget that allows the purchase of a suitable diesel or propane genny that would be the route I would take, me I am just getting by with mine till it's time belly up to the bar ;) best of luck. :)

  Edit. just for the record, so long as you are mindful of the equipment's limitations and how much you ask it to do it should work fine. when we go on a trip it is basically pole to pole for elec, I power up what I need in the bus while working on it during the day.
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Re: Generator
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Speaking of diesel gensets... i think there is one in portland ore craigslist for $1000. posted recently.
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