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Re: Welcome Back Brian [belfert]
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FastStone is another good free photo management piece of software, check it out.
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Re: Welcome Back Brian [belfert]
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I tried to post my photos last night, but they are 144k and the board has a 128k limit for attachments.  I didn't have time last night to find a program to trim them down.

The simplest & cheapest (free) photo editor used to ship with MessySoft Office (& Windows too I believe).  Its called Microsoft Photo Editor but it is hard to find now unless you have an Office 97 or Office 2000 CD.  Starting with Office 2003 MessySoft deletes Photo Ed during the install procedure but I found a copy of it and hid it so the Office installer can't find it.  It displays an error message when it loads but works flawlessly & is simple to use.

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