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Re: Air Line Source
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The newer style push connect fittings are a blessing during initial installation but over time they WILL seep. Personally I avoid them at all cost on my own vehicles. Use only DOT fittings available at any Truck Tractor/semi trailer supply store or dealer. They all have inserts and sleeves to grip/seal the connection. Do not use them without both components. The air line has two layers with a fabric mesh layer between them for strength. The "fan" happens when the air line is subjected to an impact strong enough to cause a failure. If it is subjected to abrasion, the spot will turn white. If you see white repair or replace that section or put a union at the failure point.
You can also use a DOT union to repair your line at the point of failure. It is an approved repair for highway trucks/trailers so you don't have to replace the line.
It is a wise thing to carry in your emergency kit as well. Different sizes, maybe two of each of the most popular 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and one 5/8" and one 3/4". It all depends on how old your airlines are.
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