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Author Topic: Fuel pump question  (Read 4251 times)

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Re: Fuel pump question
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Sure is pricey!!  $9.75 a foot on ebay.  OUCHHHH  I never would have though about the crop dusters.  I live in a strip of woods along the San Bernanrd river.  On both sides though are corn, milo and cotton fields.  Them dern croppers use my house as a landmark to get from their airfield refill stations to the crops to the west as I am the last house of a string along the river.  I used to cuss them when I worked nights and slept days.  They have no mufflers and they would buzz right over the house.  I swear I could hit them with a sling shot if I tried.  Fortunately I went to day shift and didn't have to drive over to the airfield to get my arse whooped for getting agitated at a pilot.
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Re: Fuel pump question
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Part of the problem is that you may be using the wrong description for the hose you want when you go to a general distributor.  It has been quite a few years since I retired from Gates, but I don't recall that we ever used Viton in any fuel hose.  There are lots of good synthetic rubber type materials that will handle almost any type of fuel.

Viton was used in chemical hoses.  It is very hard to make a good Viton hose (adhesion issues) and the raw material is very expensive.

Apparently the bio fuel must be hard on typical premium fuel hoses.  That surprises me.  However, I will defer to the experts and they have obviously done their homework and found a chemical hose construction that works well.

One of the reasons that typical sales folks - even technical sale folks are not able to talk about materials is the the industry has really gone away from talking about materials. They "hide" behind terms like "tube meets RMA (Class A)  High Oil Resistance".  Drives me crazy!!!  Part of the reason is that it lets hose manufacturers get creative with great materials and not tell competitors know what they are doing, and of course, it lets them put the minimal material in a product - works both ways.

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