Author Topic: Timmonsville, SC Rally final pictures of buses & owners on line as of now!!  (Read 1650 times)

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Hello everyone,
I am pooped out, been up since 5 AM trying to finish publishing the photo's I took for you all to see of our great time at Timmonsville, SC this past weekend, October 5-8th. for some and a day longer for others.  Haha.

In all seriousness I want to mention a web site that I have thought a lot of and want to remind you for your safety of your buses.  After looking at these buses all weekend and being on Jack Conrad & Paula's bus with all his alarms he has installed for the safety of his bus and systems we probably do not think about until it may be too late.  Jack has installed many safety alarms for things like tire pressure on his bus and his toad which he has purchased these alarms by another busnut like us, (Jim & Pat Shepherd).  For instance, think of the panic if you blow your left front tire at 70 mph on I-95 because of underflation which is a normal cause for tire failure with the weight we carry.  Jack has a system monitoring this tire pressure all the time that has an audible alarm should your pressure drop for any reason from the normal pressure. This may save your life, someone else in the left lane and save your bus.

Another thought is the temperture in your engine compartment such as Cliff, (FloridaCracker) experienced because of a faulty exhaust.  An alarm system from Jim & Pat would of informed them of this condition way before he found it but thank God he did in time before a catastrophe happened.  You will never, ever get out of your bus insurance what you have in it, think of the safety and be comfortable in thinking you are traveling with many alarms as friends willing to tell you something is wrong before it gets serious such as Jack & Paula has their bus set up. Get a tour of Jack & Paula's bus if possible to see these systems being used.

Jim & Pat's web site is:

go to the above web site to see the latest in instrument read out controls of our rigs that may save our lives!!
Enough harping about safety before I lose your reason for being here, but please make SAFETY (Priority #1).

Now for the address one more time for the address of my web site with the final photo's of the buses and owners attending.
The Albums to look at if you have seen all the rest of the albums up to today are:

(#26 Album), Timmonsville all buses & Owners attending rally, this is (170 Photo's).

(#27 Album), Timmonsville Continuing the buses & people attending our rally, (28 Photo's).

Recommendation: set your computer up to have these photo's viewed in a slide-show format at the speed you want to just sit back and feel / listen for the fun we all had and again, go to a rally near you and support these guys that take so much time to organize for us to enjoy.  Oh, try to volunteer to help out with functions, it will feel more like your rally ownership if you do and helpful to those organizing it.

For photo's again go to:

Let me know of problems of running on your computer etc. if any exist.

Hope you enjoy, Now it is time for me to go to the chiropractor from sitting all this time.

Gary LaBombard
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  Great Job, It is aparrent the amount of hard work you put into captioning each pic'
I just can't wait to buy my coach and keep you further gainfully occupied   ;D


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Gary,thanks for all you did to make the ralley a big sucess,I am sure for others that all of the hard work that you do posting all of this has been a big help and insperation as it was for me when I started and continue to progress,thanks form me Mike