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Author Topic: Will the Cummings fit  (Read 4659 times)

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Re: Will the Cummings fit
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2011, 04:31:35 AM »
I'd make it fit... but thats just me
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Re: Will the Cummings fit
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Even though the ISX Cummins is a 15 liter compared to the Big Cam being a 14 liter, the ISX is actually a shorter engine then the Big Cam.  Hence the ISX would be an easier fitting engine.  Personally have always thought the NTC Big Cam engines to be junk-just don't get the longevity out of these engines that you can from a Caterpillar 3406B or a Detroit Series 60.

When I was driving, I ran into an owner/operator that told me his overhaul strategy with his Big Cam 3 400hp.  At 200,000 miles, he'd overhaul the back two cylinders; at 400,000 miles he'd overhaul the middle two cylinders; at 600,000 miles he'd rebuild the whole engine.  In this day and age-that engine would be toast compared to all the new electronic engines going sometimes over a million miles before any mechanical overhaul.  I had one driver come in and tell me he drove 150,000 miles a year and changed his oil on his Series 60 4 times a year-or every 37,500miles!  I also asked how many miles on the engine he had an said 1.3 million without rebuild yet! Guess I couldn't scold him for lengthy oil changes-could I! Good Luck, TomC
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