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Re: Wow! Entire Prevost Interiors...
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So you have only 1/7 th of the conversion cost. Do you have a new shell to put it in or at least a late model.  Putting 20 to 25 grand worth of cabinets in a 20 grand shell when finished is worth 40 grand = loss of % grand plus we still have everything else to buy gen sets plumbing electrical etc etc etc air etc.Get the picture.  Now If your building a coach in the finished price range in the (todays Market of $140,000) please dis regard this entry.  Just my demented observation.     Plus I have taken one of these Alabama coaches apart.  Not! Liberty Quality. I threw the cabinets in the dumpster. Will say I do not know if it is the same builder and I sure hope not..  Do the math.. Now jump on me..  Bob  Ps while I was posting MEverard posted .I'm doing a 98 now it's fairly true in it's measurements.  1/4 would prob be consistent. I'm no cabinet maker but building on budget and 25,000$ worth of cabinets plus bus value would exceed bus resale valve.
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Re: Wow! Entire Prevost Interiors...
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On the subject of shaping the cabinets to fit the bus:- in boatbuilding, where the inside of the hull is a different shape at every point, the builders don't even try to get a perfect fit when bonding cabinets and bulkheads etc to the hull. The bonding is done with epoxy fillets, which bridge any gaps, are very quick to create, and are frequently stronger than the thing being glued.

It's possible a similar technique could be used when attaching cabinets into a bus, perhaps with Sikaflex fillets. The immensely heavy windows in my bus are held in by nothing other than Sikaflex, so I expect it could be used to attach cabinets to the wall with no concern. I doubt whether a Sikaflex fillet could be nearly as big as an epoxy fillet though, so the basic fit of the two parts would need to be closer before the fillet was run into the gap.


(PS. I've just Googled 'Sikaflex fillets' and come across various references to them being used in aircraft construction)
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