Author Topic: Roof Air or Cruise Airs  (Read 12763 times)

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Re: Roof Air or Cruise Airs
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or call Nick   Badame    he has fixed the factory problems.    Because he is in the business he can't solicit business here but I can tell you he knows his stuff.   Bob
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Re: Roof Air or Cruise Airs
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The new roofers are plenty quiet. Here is one on Craigslist:

New Carrier Roof Air - $820 (Alachua)
Date: 2011-10-18, 7:15AM EDT
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Carrier's most powerful and compact roof mount air conditioner/heat pump. This new design is very compact, energy efficient, aerodynamic and stylish looking . At only 7" tall you will barely see it on the roof. Complete with ceiling panel and remote control. New in box with warranty. (We purchased it new, and due to the nature of our bus's framing, it would not fit where we wanted it. We had to go with a basement unit instead.) This is one of the quietest roof airs I have ever heard. We are near Gainesville, Florida. Come take a look and make a reasonable offer. We can bench test it for you. Call 386 418-1251

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Re: Roof Air or Cruise Airs
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Roof airs will run the condensate all over the roof and down the side of the bus. You can wash your bus with soft water that way. Also as long is it is dripping you know it isn't frozen over. I have two roof airs installed by the PO because they wanted the bay space and had 2 of the 3 Cruise Airs removed. I like them OK and have done a treatment to make the air noise quieter. Now if I could get the compressor noise dealt with...another project.
Cruise Airs have refrigerant lines and condensate drains that get hidden under other stuff. I know Liberty has been converting for a long time and they do nice, quality work but everyone has a bad day. If the low side (suction) line insulation gets nicked or torn it can leak condensate behind that stuff and the rest of the story is messy.
Also condensate pan drain lines can come off and leak behind stuff that you don't find out about until it is too late. Drain pans and condensate drain lines need to be routinely checked and cleaned especially if you are full timing it, they will get dirty. They need to be accessable for cleaning and servicing along with the addition of a real air filter. If it was my project I'd request demonstration of the integrity of the refrigerant line insulation (digital photos).
Still have one Cruise Air left and like it as well. It is refrigerant leak free. It has good airflow and can operate it going down the highway. It was installed so that both the indoor and outdoor coils have good air flow and are serviceable. I'm going to be no help as to which is better.

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