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Author Topic: Converted Bus Accident on I-70 near Wentzville, MO  (Read 1220 times)

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Converted Bus Accident on I-70 near Wentzville, MO
« on: November 08, 2011, 07:51:22 PM »
Does any one know if this is anyone one the board?  This accident was reported on the Escapees RVnetwork.com in the Heavy Duty Truck section.  Apparently the converted bus rear ended the 5th wheel being pulled by a HD truck. 

Here is the report by the driver of the HD truck:

What happened? We fueled up in Warrenton, MO, and only got about 15 miles down I -70, when the truck in front of me braked. I pulled into the left lane and saw vehiles slowing ahead, so I braked moderately to keep a safe distance back. The bus conversion had been following me and also pulled into the left lane, but didn't leave enough space between us. He hit his brakes too hard and locked up on the wet road. He slid into us at a slight angle, hitting mostly on the fiver's right frame rail ( tweaking the frame so the axles are about three inches out of square with each other). The impact did little visible damage to the rear of the fiver considering the masses involved. The hitch pin assembly was bent, along with frame inside the fiver nose, and the hitch head was jambed so hard it broke the steel rod mounting the head to the hitch suspension, broke both ends of the upper rod holding the dog bones, drove the suspension plate through the heavy steel stop plates, and popped the heads off several bolts holding the hitch frame together. Even with all that damage, it was solid enough to pull the fiver several miles.

All the slides opened (after we picked up all the junk strewn about and pried the rear sofa out of the way). We had a lot of broken glasses and dented cans.

The young couple and their two-year-old daughter in the bus were not injured. The bus steering didn't work after the wreck, so it was towed away. We're very thankful no one was hurt. If either vehicle had been less sturdy, the outcome could have been much worse.
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