Author Topic: Update those Ugly Factory MC9 Mirrors... I did it and here's the link to how  (Read 6449 times)

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I polished and rebuilt my OEM mirrors and they look great (IMHO) ;D

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Damn that's pretty!
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That's Verrry Pretty.... Must be nice to have the time and energy to do all that polishing.. WOW !

I can't even get to the "Paint to Stick" stage...
My aggravation tolerance is getting lower and lower these days... Murphy is Alive and Well and Tailgating me...

I went to upgrade my MCI sterring wheel..... OH! NO!... The usual happened as usual...

I ordered a VIP-18 wheel with a 1" 36-spline hub which is what is on my 1983 MC9 ( Ex-NJT )
I verified 3 times the shaft size too....

The paperwork was lost for a day... Then at the last minute they found the paperwork.

The wheel was supposed to be shipped Friday, Oh.. Wait, Monday now, Next Day Rush Air ...
It showed up at 6:37 p.m. on Tuesday.

I ended up with the Right Wheel but wrong HUB installed, They put a 1 1/8" hub on the wheel.

Rather than wait for another week I went ahead and re-engineered the hub to make it work.
Oh. Gee. another 4 hours wasted...

I called the supplier, They confirmed that they ordered the right one. VIP messed up the order...

Oh Well..... As Usual.. My Life....
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Do you have a pic of the new steering wheel????

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I haven't taken any pictures yet. It fits exactly where the MCI 20" wheel sat.

It's the VIP-18 , Black, The rubber rim is so so nice to hang onto...

Here is a picture from VIP...

Never take a knife to a gunfight!