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Posting To The Board Tips
« on: April 19, 2006, 03:36:33 PM »
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Help Button:
The first place to look is that help button at the top of the page, second button from the left. Lots of good information there.

To register for an account, click on the Register button located on the top of the forum. Once you register, all posts you make will show with your username, and you will be able to edit your profile with contact details and some other things, such as your location. You can also have your own avatar and signature which will be shown on each of your posts.

Getting Started:
Home, which takes you back to the Board index.
Help, which brings a guide similar to this entry.
Search, Permits searching the forums for whatever you're looking for.
Calendar, which links to the Forum calendar.
Members, Complete list of all the registered members on the forum.
Login, which allows you to login if already registered.
Register, which allows you to Register (or sometimes apply for registration) when you wish to do so.

Once you've registered and logged in, however, the Main menu should look a little different:

Home (as before).
Help (as before).
Search (as before).
Profile which allows you to make changes to your Profile settings.
My Messages takes you to personal message area (if enabled).
Calendar (as before).
Members (as before).
Logout, which allows you to logout again if desired.

Subject line should be clear and concise:
   Don't: "I need help" 
   Do: "I need help with brake adjustment" 
   Do: "I'm lost in the Desert! Guide me out!" 

   Don't: "I'm Confused" 
   Do: "Wire size for Air Conditioners?" 
   Do: "How should I insulate?" 

   Don't: "Tires" 
   Do: "Which tires should I choose, Micherubs or Heinetubes" 
   Do: "Steer tires are cupping!" 
   Do: "Can I use recaps on tags?"
   (Thanks to ChuckMC9 for the above tips)

Message content:[/b] [/u]
   If you need specific information, include all the details.
   Include the make, year and model of your coach and any other
   details that might be needed to such as your location.

BBC Tags:
   Do not over use tags. They may make your message hard to
   read. Large scrolling print can be annoying for example.

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