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Author Topic: Working on the bus to take my mind off the pain...  (Read 2675 times)

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Working on the bus to take my mind off the pain...
« on: October 28, 2006, 09:12:40 PM »
On Monday an old friend from my distant past, who had risen to become a legend in the spsort of rock climbing, died in Yosemite when his climbing harness broke while on a free rappel after opening a new route on a formation known as the Leaning Tower. He fell 500 feet. He leaves behind a wife and 3 young children.

I knew Todd briefly while in college. I haven't seen him for 20 years, but I've always considered him a friend and looked forward to the day our paths would cross again. It's alway been a thrill to see his name and photos in National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, or on some TV program talking about his latest conquest. I guess you could say I've lived vicariously through him over the years, knowing he was living the life I, and so many others, would love to be able to live. There is some consolation knowing he died doing what he truely loved to do.

I learned about the accident on Friday. There was a  memorial service today in Wyoming. I spent the day working on my bus, trying to take my mind off the pain of the loss of such an incredible individual. It didn't work.

I did get my cooling system put back together and refilled, and I got my engine preheating system connected in to the Aquahot. But it wasn't enough to keep my mind focused on the bus.

After taking the bus for a warmup run to stir up the antifreeze and water, I took my wife out for dinner. While waiting for a table, some friends we haven't seen for some time walked in. They live 1/2 a mile away and we haven't seen them in  2 or 3 years. We had dinner together. It turned out to be a wonderful evening.

Life is short. I hope the rest of my friends (that's you guys) are having a good weekend and are living life to it's fullest.

Craig Shepard
Located in Minnesquito

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Re: Working on the bus to take my mind off the pain...
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2006, 12:07:59 AM »
Craig -

I saw the article about Todd in the local newspaper Friday morning.  Very sad, more so because he touched the lives of many other's, yours included.  It always hurts to lose a friend, especially when it's an accident.

As beautiful a place as it is, we see similar stories at least once or twice a year where Yosemite has claimed someone's life.  Sometimes it's a climber, sometimes it's a swimmer in the Merced River, sometimes it's a hiker slipping on a trail, all with the same sad results.  For millions of visitors, it's a safe, wonderful experience - but for a few, it's the end of their short stay here on this planet.

To quote Sgt. Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues: "Hey - Let's be careful out there!"

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Re: Working on the bus to take my mind off the pain...
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2006, 03:35:59 AM »
    Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. During my 28 years as a Paramedic/Firefighter, I so often heard surviving family members and friends remark "Gee, I wish I had spent more time with him/her".  Whenever possible visit or talk to family and friends, and say kind words. You never know when that might be the last time you see or talk to them.  Life is short, make the most of it.  Jack
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Re: Working on the bus to take my mind off the pain...
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2006, 06:43:23 AM »
Jack, like you I have worked in the EMS industry for several years and seen the effects of accidents on the surviors. The most powerful lesson I have learned from all these events is to never no matter the circumstances leave your home or the side of a friend/family member without saying something endearing. I started a practice many moons ago to always say:

 everytime I left my family or good friends. If you can muster up the courage to say that then pick your own positive comment. Unfortunately it may be the last words your surviors get to hear!

What a great legacy to be remembered as someone who constantly told people how much you care about your relationship and friendships. 

Sure seems like a good way to fight the negativeness with always read or hear about.

Gumpy, I for one cannot express well enough my appreciation for all the work you do to help educate those of us with the MCI. The countless hours you take in documenting your progress and projects is priceless. I have learned more from your site then all the books considered the "source"

From the bottom of my heart thank you. You Rock!

O.K. off to Church!

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Re: Working on the bus to take my mind off the pain...
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2006, 08:04:59 AM »
Craig, I know we have never met and you have your questionable feelings of me but your post just adds more strength to what JUST this week I felt needed to be done with myself and that is live life to it's fullest! After recently suffering from not being able to walk my usuall 2 miles a day 3 times a week due to a bad foot, it made my legs feel tired since I had to kind of walk on the side of my foot, I decided to have it looked at and ficks'ed (sorry no ecks key) ! Since having it done, I feel just great! I can walk again and properly with no pain. So great that Susan can't to keep up and even other busnuts on this chat site have even noticed my new found eagerness and happiness to LIVE ON! I have always felt that this life is like a carnival ride. It only last a short while so enjoy the ride while you can because before you know it, it's over with! Yes I admit, there were times I just wanted to sit in this chair and do nothing, but now all I want to do is get up and move, go to the mall, work on the bus, in the yard, go out, talk to people and most importantly, just be active, because NOW, it doesn't hurt to walk and before I can no longer walk, I'm going to get all I can in!

It's always sad to hear about anyone's mis-fortunes Craig, regading family, friends or even people you only talk to such as this site and I'm truly sorry for your loss of a friend. That's another reason why I come here. I consider yourself and all others friends whether you like it or not. I know what you guys are on THIS end regardless of what I am on THAT end!  ;)  I have met the best, here and there, and hope to meet many more and someday I hope to meet you!

Go work on the bus or find someone to spend some time with or talk to. Trust me, it WILL help! That's what I did when I lost my pup pepper. Look at me now!  :o


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Re: Working on the bus to take my mind off the pain...
« Reply #5 on: October 30, 2006, 10:09:01 AM »
Like the song says LIVE LIKE YOU ARE DYING, GO SKYDIVING.  My wife always wanted to go skydiving and she did hooked to a instructor.  That was the only thing she wanted to do and had not done. She passed away about a year later.  I still don't know why someone wants to jump out of a perfectily good airplane.
Ed Van
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