Author Topic: What do you guys figure a fair price is for a good running 6V92T silver series?  (Read 1678 times)

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TIA... i have one in a 74 kenworth w900A and i am thinking of selling it....want to be fair but dont want to give it away either....

located in Syracuse NY...

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BTW..I know the company that bought this new and have a good relationship with manager...

they told me that the motor had about 150K on it when they sold it, as i know the other company that bought it from them..they used it rarely to pull a dump trailer and they had told me that they omly put about 20k on it...

for what ever that is worth.....

it has great Oil pressure, runs cool at 180...and starts every time, as soon as the starter hits the flywheel, its lit.....

not a big smoker either..she seems to be a pretty clean burner....

Thats the low down...TIA guys     Gerry

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My guess is based on the motor being removed as part of the price.
  $2200 good price for buyer
  $3200 good price for seller
John Mellis
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That's what I was thinking too, and that is "dressed" - accessory drives, pumps and air compressor included, maybe not the alternator.

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I've got a 6V92T with a 740 hooked to it and everything else needed for my Eagle. A complete take out of
an Eagle, mounts, exhaust the works. Condition of engine who knows ! I heard it run. Going to re-do
before I put in my bus. Going price was $3500 who knows by the time I tear it apart. Figure on making it a
as big as possible , If I get 100k miles that's more than I will need !!
Ed Brenner
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IMHO, if I were buying it for a fun Bus Conversion project;  knowing myself, I would probably at the least roll in new rod and main bearings, plus probably do the rings, blower and turbo seals.  Just me.  Others may be perfectly happy to run the mill as is.  Supply and demand?  Dunno fur sures.  FWIW.  HB of CJ (old coot) :)

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2500 to 3000 would be fair that is about what a DD piston and sleeve kit cost now but beware it takes a lot of work to install a truck engine in a bus it is not a easy task it will have a blower driven belt drive for the alternator buy a bus engine unless you have a extra engine from a bus
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