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Author Topic: f/up re toad car and Prevost  (Read 10398 times)

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Re: f/up re toad car and Prevost
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Jeremy, personally I would have had nightmares for weeks after an event like that. Btw, this thread is quite informative to me. I do understand that having toad brakes is definitely a plus. Question though, my coach weighs in a a cool 30,000 pounds at the moment (just weighed her). With ratings for a much higher weight with passengers and luggage, how much of a negative effect on the COACH braking distance will my 3400 pound car have?

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Re: f/up re toad car and Prevost
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Nobody says why most safety systems are required.  They just mandate the systems and everyone installs them to be legal.

I can assure you that every safety regulation ever passed, whether highway, building codes, electrical, or any other IS A MEMORIAL TO SOMEONE WHO DIED.

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Re: f/up re toad car and Prevost
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Four down Tow 2010 Ford Edge and can't really tell the difference on stopping distance. Always use Jakes  on 8v92ta..