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« on: June 24, 2012, 01:06:47 PM »
Tanks have been talked about forever, but today my time has come.... so for me, this is new topic.

I want to purchase my fresh, gray, and black tanks.  I want the fresh as big as I can get (well over 100 gal) or maybe have an extra tank under the bunk that flows down into the other fresh.

Anyway, I'm in northern Michigan, Where do you suggest I go to get my tanks?  I understand that I need to tell them where I want my fittings.  Do you usually place the tanks tight to the passenger side, or tight to the driver side?  Do you usually leave some space between the door and the tank?  I have the MCI 102.. anyone else have tanks built for the same coach that might have some ideas?  What do I do with the space in the rear bay where the air tank intrudes into the bay space?

See, new questions  ;D

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Re: Tanks
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 01:43:10 PM »
I mounted my tanks as close as possible to the passenger side of the bay so I could have some room for pumps drains filters etc when I open up the bay door to empty or fill the tanks.


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Re: Tanks
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2012, 02:06:36 PM »
Are you planning for a bit of insulation and a method of preventing freezing?

Here's where I got mine, as an example.


Source a similar full line tank manufacturer nearer you.

Under Specialty Tanks, I chose the 49 gallon rectangular box tanks.

Installed so that the 21" dimension is vertical, there is a couple of inches free under the utility channel in an MCI to allow insulating under and over the tanks.

I have started with 2, a fresh and a combined waste, plumbed both ends so I can dump/fill to either side if necessary, and can twin them with two more for 98 gallons for each part, and/or do a black/gray split once there are 4 of them.

Note that those angled tanks aimed at the salt trucks for the brine solution are often sold quite cheap, if you can figure out how the angle will help you.

happy coaching!

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Re: Tanks
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2012, 08:59:45 PM »
ronco-plastics.com Good Luck, TomC
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Re: Tanks
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2012, 08:25:07 AM »
If you value bay space and have a tall enough ceiling, consider what we did: We mounted the black water tank on top of the floor, boxed it in and mounted the toilet on top of it, Only the drain line goes down through the bay, then through the bay floor, and elbows around to the drain valve. We needed the bay space for the generator and this has worked perfectly.
We also connected a pex water line with a check valve and a separate ball valve to the top of the tank as a tank wash system.
For venting the tanks we used a garden hose from each waste tank to brass barb fittings siliconed flush to the bus roof. I found a FE thread X MA barb fitting that had a bit of a shoulder on it to give some surface to silicon to.
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Re: Tanks
« Reply #5 on: June 26, 2012, 08:44:35 AM »
If you want 100 gallons,  it may be better to purchase three smaller tanks and hook them together.  This way the water can't move as much going down the road.  You can also get large tanks with interior baffles.  I would suggest having rubber connections on the tanks.  We have had two sets, fresh water,  that they used PVC connections at the tanks and both have cracked the tank at the fitting.  There is a soft plastic tubing that is used in soda machines that works great on fresh water tanks.  We used that to give the tanks a little room for vibration.

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Re: Tanks
« Reply #6 on: June 26, 2012, 08:53:20 AM »

I just put in (not finished but fitted) my new tanks.  You can read my post about it here:

I followed TomC's advice and went to Ronco Plastics.  When I called I asked if the internet listed price was actual, she played along asking if I was buying these for my "business".  After I got the hint, I told her that I did have a "business" account.  I gave her my "business" name and used my business credit card and she gave them to me at half price.  Her name was Linda and she was very sweet and helpful.

I spent hours online (probably too many) trying to find good tanks at the best price. While Ronco wasn't the cheapest, even with the discount, they were the highest quality at the best price.  Because of the many tanks they carried I was able to find the best size to fit my bus (115 gal each for fresh and gray).  It did take no less than 3 different times of measuring and then going online to find the right tanks and then measuring again and looking out for where all the fittings were going to fit and how the pump and plumbing would be fitted in.  I suggest CAD or drawing a layout first and taking into consideration all of your plumbing, manifold, electrical, drains, un-noticed hooks, screws, clamps or any other obstruction hanging down from above where the tanks will go.  After I was 100% sure that I knew exactly what I wanted, I was still a bit uneasy at buying the tanks because once you get the fixings and they ship, thats it...only money and time will fix any mistakes at that point.

I put my tanks on the drivers side as that is the common side to dump for RV's and almost all dump sites are setup for that.  Also my bathroom and kitchen plumbing is planned on that side of the bus so it made it really simple to plumb and repair in the future if at all necessary. 

I left about 6-8" with the door closed so that I could put up a "wall" if I wanted to in the future to make it look pretty.  On this wall I planned on mounting an outside shower/hose attachment as well as water filters and an auxillary switch to turn on/off the pump if needed from the outside. 

This also gave me some room for the bay on the passenger side for storage.  We are trying to take back every square inch for storage that we can.

I am not sure about the layout for the 102.  Hopefully someone else will chirp in on their Water tanks for the 102.


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Re: Tanks
« Reply #7 on: June 26, 2012, 09:37:45 AM »
There is at least one plastic tank manufacturer in the Elkhart area and I think they might even be on the Michigan side of the border.  Sorry, no idea on the name.

RV Surplus (rvsurplus.net) carries some tanks in stock if you want to drive south.  They can also order many sizes.  They used to have a lot of tanks at their retail location, but no idea what they have at their new retail location.  My route home when I bought my bus took me right through Elkhart.  I stopped and bought my tanks at RV Surplus.  I was able to take the tanks out to the bus to see if they fit before I bought them.
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Re: Tanks
« Reply #8 on: June 26, 2012, 04:21:53 PM »
On my truck conversion, I used Ronco tanks.  2-98gal for the fresh water, a single 161gal for gray and a 69gal for the black.  While the fresh and gray are mounted in the basement that is part of the interior, I wasn't brave enough to put the black tank inside.  It is mounted on a bracket off the frame near street level.  Good Luck, TomC
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