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Hello Everyone,

I am here again posting more photo’s taken off my CD I made for converting my 1973, Model 05 Eagle with all the information I can muster that hopefully will be helpful to most any newbie.  This information is directed to them in particular to be used as a guide for inspecting; repairing their bus if already purchased, any of the conditions I show on my web site and how I repaired them.

Again, I emphasize, I am not a professional converter, all my information ever submitted on my web site is that of my personal design, I am not a professional converter and accept no responsibility to any property damage or personal injury to anyone using any of this information.  This should be used only as a guide; all repairs should be consulted with a professional converter before attempting to repair your personal bus.

All photos on my web site are those of the bus as sits this very minute, on wooden blocks.  All these photo albums I am submitting will have additions made to and referenced to in our bulletin boards as I further progress with my conversion.  This will minimize your surfing time to just the most recently submitted information through photo’s I have on my site with the direct location of the recent photos.

I have been working many hours today to prepare this as usual when I do, and have noticed that by using two different photo programs that some of my text done in Paint Program is not legible.  I will have to repair that the best I can on some photos as of tomorrow, I am too tired tonight.

These photos again are not very pretty to look at, nothing you would want to even think of actually because they are not cosmetic for everyone to enjoy.  But they are intended for all to take good inspection looks at all areas of their buses to be sure that some of the conditions do not exist as they do or did on mine.  Any newbie looking closely at all my albums pertaining to my personal bus will be more educated in what to look and inspect for no matter what name brand of bus you purchase or want.

Here is my web site again if you have not posted it as a favorite: Who really would??

Note, there is main folders of all photos of a particular area worked on in my conversion and then there is (Sub-assembly folders also with photos) of those same areas broken down if you need to search for a particular sub-assembly of these main photo albums.  Many photos will be duplicated in other folders; this is a difficult way to present my information but an accurate locator for a certain area to save time for you as a viewer.  I hope you will appreciate my efforts.

Here is the photo albums posted and their titles:

(A)   #13 Album, Left Bogie Wheel,  (60 photos)
(B)   #13a Album, (Sub-assembly), Left Fuel Tank, (6 photos)
(C)   #13b Album, (Sub-assembly), Left Torsilastic Frame,   (7 photos)
(D)   #13c Album, (Sub-assembly(, Left Bogie Wheel Repairs,  (25 photos0
(E)   #13d Album, (Sub-assembly), Wet air tank damage,  (5 photo’s)

(F)   #14 Album, Baggage Compartment Undercarriage Repairs,  (8 photos)

(G)   #15 Album, Front Torsilastic Repairs,  (22 photos)

(H)   #16 Album, Right Front Wheel,  (24 photos)

(I)   # 16a Album, Front Wheel Assembly, (9 photos)

(J)   #16b Album, King Pin Inspection, (4 photos)

(K)   #16c Album, Right Front Wheel Well, (4 photos)

(L)   #16d Album, Front Torsilastic Repairs, (22 photos)   
Good feed back is always appreciated.
Thank you for your time on this lengthy post as usual.
Gary LaBombard
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