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Author Topic: ? ID Hydraulic clutch line  (Read 5880 times)

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Re: ? ID Hydraulic clutch line
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While the fluid is nominally non-compressible, the larger the line size particularly with a rubber hose or even teflon lined, the more you can get expansion that feels like compression.  Smaller lines just feel firmer with brakes, guys like Mario Andretti can feel it, I can't...  For a clutch it just doesn't matter, the pressures are too low to expand almost any hose but you need the volume for a clutch.

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Re: ? ID Hydraulic clutch line
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It's in!!! Braided stainless steel flex lines on engine/clutch end .  Adjustable push rod between slave cyl and clutch arm. Checked stroke and is right on. Life is good.   Bob
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