Author Topic: 1962 GMC 4106 bus conversion - $3000  (Read 9397 times)

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Re: 1962 GMC 4106 bus conversion - $3000
« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2012, 12:20:45 PM »
Before i say anything, just wanted to say hi, i'm new to the site and to bus conversions in general.  Excited to be here and learn what i can.

About this particular bus, what exactly stands out as "red flags"?

It is in obvious need of TLC.  Cosmetics for sure on the exterior (paint, windows, tires), and interior is definitely dated but appears usable(ish).  Owner claims it runs, but hasn't been used in about 3 years.

I love me a good project, and have worked on restoring an older RV before, but again, wondering what specifically about this bus should a determined DIYer be weary of?

Welcome Noob Nick!

This 4106 could have good potential.  I paid a lot for one 4106 that needed everything.  I paid several hundred for a rather ratty looking 4106 that I drove 900 miles home!  The cheap one had new brakes, kingpins, shocks, bags, muffler, etc etc.  needed tires and batteries.  

Have the owner start the engine for you when it's stone cold.  That will tell you a lot.  If it needs ether to start or smokes when warm, it'll eventually need an engine.  I paid $2750 for a great running 8V71 pulled from a NYC transit.  

Drive the bus; does the clutch chatter badly?  Is there more than a couple inches of free play in the steering wheel? Do the brakes feels weak?  Does it pull to one side when the brakes are applied hard?   All things that will need attention if you buy it.  

I agree with RJ.  Do tires and brakes.   It's just gotta stop when you need it to stop!

That being said, the chassis has some corrosion spots to look at, and the 8V71 dies a very slow death!  

Good luck, keep us posted.  

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Re: 1962 GMC 4106 bus conversion - $3000
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Thanks for the info everyone.
Noob looking to start bussin'

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