Author Topic: Penetrating oil  (Read 7033 times)

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Re: Penetrating oil
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Laugh, but it is obvious that a fully inflated tire/wheel is much heavier than a deflated one, it's called compression! That can't be!! But an inflated one floats better than a deflated one?? Figure that one out Einsteins!!

I use some acetone too, but only when nothing else works. Explosive, burns the skin and toxic
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Re: Penetrating oil
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In the old days when we were framing buildings we might of put a piece of paraffin in a 50# box of nails and then we might of poured gas on that and then lite it up and when the flames were out, we were ready to pound a lot of nails fast. Not that we did that but just saying. Oasha might of frond on it but they weren't around either yet.

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