Author Topic: Tire chains - how tough to mount ?  (Read 10730 times)

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Re: Tire chains - how tough to mount ?
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This has been a very informative thread.  I have absolutely no intention of ever hanging my jewelry but I carry it to be legal.  That means I've got two sets of singles that have been dumped in a five gallon pail and never removed for at least 5 years now - probably longer.  Reading this thread has motivated me to make a note to pull them out of the pail next summer and at least straighten them out before I put them back in the pail.  I suppose its slightly possible that someday I might find myself in a position where I need to hang them to get to a safe spot off the road. 
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Re: Tire chains - how tough to mount ?
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We used to have a set of cable chains, but thanks to RJ's advice from long ago, we don't even carry them. There isn't much that stops us when we travel, so having good chains with us, especially in winter, is a must. We used the bungees for a while, but went to the chain tensioners that we got from a truck stop. Easier to keep track of, and I like them better. They are the kind that have six bungee type things coming out of the center. Work well.

As everyone has mentioned, better to sit and wait, then taking the risk of running into a bad situation.

Oh yes, while I am thinking about it...This summer when we needed to chain up to get up that really steep driveway, that had wet grass next to it, I chained up both inner and out tires. Two sets of single. Not easy or fun, but decided to that time.

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Re: Tire chains - how tough to mount ?
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This is one of several sites that link to chain requirements by state.  One interesting thing I came across in the FAQ's for California was addressing whether one was required to chain a trailer.  It said that if the trailer was equipped with brakes, it should be chained.  Do you think that this would apply to a toad?
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