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Bill Gaither's Prevost
« on: February 03, 2013, 06:26:12 AM »
So I'm recording my third album here at Gaither Studios. Here a total of 12 days and they kindly allowed us to park our coach in their production truck ramp with 100 amp shore power. :) anyway, we're parked right beside the garage ta holds the two Gaither prevosts. One is Bill and Gloria's, the other is the crew coach and was formerly Toby Keith's crew coach. Our bus is parked in such a way that when the garage doors are open, you can view all three coaches from the front. And I must say, ours doesn't exactly inspire awe. Anyway, the gent that works on his coaches chatted with me for awhile and said that the prevosts give him a heck of a time. Just replaced a water pump recently. Not sure he actually did it, but prob had a shop do it. Nothing against Prevost, just passing along what he told me. They were gorgeous though!!!

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