Author Topic: Ladder position for bunk beds  (Read 8969 times)

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Re: Re: Re: Ladder position for bunk beds
« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2013, 04:12:53 PM »
What is the wall thickness of the tubbing?
Sam - we used 3/16 mild steel tubing.

Sean, why did you have to weld anything in the bus?  The first picture you posted seems to show the bunk frame completely welded up outside
Brian - Our door in the bus only has about a 24" opening.  It was easier to carry them into the bus in 2 pieces.  The picture of the free standing frame outside the bus is unwelded with the corner L brackets holding the 2 parts together. He is welding the corner brackets to the one side not welding the frame together.  We are using the other half of the frame to ensure the correct placement of brackets for a tight fit.

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