Author Topic: Bus leveling ? What methods?  (Read 10101 times)

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Re: Bus leveling ? What methods?
« Reply #15 on: February 20, 2013, 08:41:03 PM »
I just overhauled the entire air system on my bus and replaced the old style leveling valves and solenoids with all current equipment. Some of the original valves and solenoids were in the $3-$400 range each.  I replaced everything in the system with new for around $500 in parts.  I am using the bags for leveling when parked but I only have kneel, lower and raise. I did replace all shocks using road king on the front and added a rear sway bar so I,m hoping the movement when parked is minimal.

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Re: Bus leveling ? What methods?
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I used Ride Rite by Firestone. I rebuilt them and ran new 1/4" air lines to the rear. I left the leveling valves in but disconnected them.The Valves have a up and down button with a gauge next to it on 4 independent valves. Each has a supply line and an exhaust line. No electrical just 2 for the front and 2 for the back. They are connected directly to the air beams. Each side are connected together with 2 bags each. You can lift or drop each corner or drop the rear all the way down and lift the front all the way up etc. Slow to fill at first after dumping all the air but keep them at 80PSI front and 90 back when driving. When parked does not bounce around, but then we are to old to bus cage fight, LOL ;D

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Re: Bus leveling ? What methods?
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Thanks for putting a person's name with the Quality Coach company. Is Jack Morrisroe still selling his leveling system? His system is really well thought out and uses high quality components. Do you know if he manufactured his own valves or are they used in some other application and available off the shelf somewhere?   Can you share contact information, either here or in an email to me? I would like to talk to him, if that would be acceptable to him.

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Re: Bus leveling ? What methods?
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Jack Morrisroe passed away last year, he was a good friend of ours and we were blessed to get his bus. I have all the info on the leveling system and obviously have one in the bus. The system was patented and I am talking with his son about sharing design information. I will update you all when I know more.
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