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Flxliner Photo Archive
« on: March 10, 2013, 08:44:25 PM »

My name is Bob and I am new to this list.  I am a geography professor in Port Huron, Michigan.

I have a passion for recent or vintage photos of Flxliner buses built from 1964 to 1969 in Loudonville, Ohio.  In fact, I have put together an online photo archive simply to preserve their history.  I know, I know, the Flxible Hi-Levels and VL-100's are just as great and I absolutely agree.  However, this archive doesn't include them.  Perhaps someone else can start such an archive.  The archive also does not include the Dina Olimpico (a similar version of the Flxliner built in Mexico).

The archive can be viewed at:


The goal of the archive is to find at least one photo of every Flxliner ever built (158 coaches).  There were only 67 companies or individuals that bought new Flxliners.  At the very least, I would like to get a photo of one Flxliner from each company (vintage or recent).  If you take a look at the archive, you'll see that I am well on the way.

For all of you bus conversion fans out there, only eight Flxliners were converted new (all converted by Custom Coach Corporation in Columbus, Ohio).  I have tracked down the current location of five of these great coaches.  I'm still looking for the Flxliner that belonged to singer Sonny James (he owned a used 1964 Flxliner that had been a passenger bus and then he bought a new one in 1969), the Flxliner that belonged to singer George Jones (1967) and the Flxliner built for Alliance Machine Company of Alliance, Ohio (1964).  This latter coach traveled all over Europe in the 1960's as the owner-- Merrick Lewis-- was into ocean powerboat racing and he traveled with his family from race to race.  In addition, there were two Flxliners converted new for Good Year Aerospace that were used as a command post and communication center for the Good Year blimps.  The Good Year Flxliners were also converted by Custom Coach and I have not found the current location of these two coaches.

I would really like to find the current owner of the Alliance Machine Flxliner (Flxible #10714).  This is the one that traveled all over Europe in the 1960's.  It is currently somewhere in southern Virginia.  I'm real close to finding it, but I could use your help.  Here are some pictures, but I understand that it has a new paint job.  The round portal windows on the side are unique-- only two Flxliners had these portal windows.


I am not writing a book or making any profit on this project.  It is entirely for the sake of history.  I have already extracted/discovered many photos that might have been lost to the landfill.  Some folks have old Flxliner photos in the back of their closet and they figure that no one is interested.  I'm here to encourage folks to get those photos out of their closet before someone throws them away.  I am even interested in finding pictures of old Flxliners that might be at the junkyard.  Be sure to get the production number if you find any in the junkyard.

If you can help with this project, please let me know.  I can be reached at the following e-mail address:


By the way, I don't own a Flxliner and I probably never will (I'm a teacher).  These photos are much less expensive and they never break down.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Flxliner Photo Archive
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2013, 09:26:07 PM »
Quite the project, have you made contact with the folks on the FLX board?  Seems like they should be able to help you.
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Re: Flxliner Photo Archive
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2013, 09:44:27 PM »

That is a pretty cool project.  Like Ed said - If you haven't already, check out http://flxibleowners.org/.  I am sure they could help you to fill lots of holes.


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Re: Flxliner Photo Archive
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2013, 04:36:49 AM »
Thanks Ed,

Yes, I have been in contact with the Flxowners Group.  They have been a wealth of information and they are a big reason why I have made it this far with the project.  I have also been in touch with the historical museum in Loudonville as well as a few different authors on Flxible books.  I also contacted Mr. Kirwan Elmers who is the founder of Custom Coach Corporation.  He started the company in 1955 and he is still working.  He loves it.

I have also spoken with many individual Flxliner owners (both past and present).  Lots of great conversations.

Thanks again,