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Author Topic: Spotted one of the cool buses from the "Ghosts of Hwy 61 Rally" headed East!  (Read 2321 times)

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Yesterday afternoon my brother in-law an I were headed west on I-40 between exits 87 & 85 in Jackson, TN and I saw a cute little blue an white bus headed the opposite direction.

I don't know who it belongs to, or even what make/model it is.

But I do know it is awesome and cute as can be!

I saw it in the photo's from the rally and copied the link to it.


It's a gorgeous little blue bus with a white top and has "Spartan" on the front and Moyers Transportation on the top.

COOL bus! I wish I hadn't been in a van in a hurry to get to Memphis to pick up one of ours from Clarke Power Service before closing time.
Other wise I'd turned around and followed it until they made a stop and introduced myself!
;D  BK  ;D

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BK I think that is one of the older Flxibles

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That is a 1948 Spartan and I think it belongs to Don and Sandy Moyer. That is a very rare bus and very cool! That and the old Flx Clipper are my favorite old buses.

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 The owner told me it was made by Spartan, not the Oklahoma based Spartan Aircraft Company that made aluminum travel trailers after WW11, but a different short lived Spartan Bus Co. out of Sturgis Michigan.

  Someone may correct me but I think it had a transplanted 400 SB Chevy in it. One of very few made...

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BK -

As has been mentioned, it's a 1948 Spartan.  From what I gathered, only 12 were made, and there are just four known survivors.

Powered by a 350 small-block Chevy.

Somebody told me he had to put additional weight in the front end to keep it from doing wheelies!

The Moyers did a great job on the restoration.

FWIW & HTH. . .

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 he also moved the water tanks foward as well! The coach is so light it wants to lift the front end at speeds over 70! I figured it had to have a big block in there but he said the 350 is more than enough. Nice conversion too! Check out the number of wheel lugs on the axle. I forget who pointed that out. Owner was having fun during the open "house" on sat.
we love our buses!!! NE Pa or LI NY, or somewhere in between!