Author Topic: BCM Dec 2018 – Cruisin Classic, Water Filter, Battery Maintenance, Dam Rally  (Read 152 times)

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The December issue of Bus Conversion Magazine is now available to view and/or download from our website

To read the first page of Cruisin Classic written by Scott Cook click here…..

To read the beginning of Water Filters– Selecting the Right Material for POU/POE Filters written by Robyn Gordon, click here…..

For a preview of Battery Maintenance written by Gary Hatt, click here…..

To read about That Dam Rally #6 2018 written by Tom Vannozzi, click here……

For a peek of Buses in Germany written by Wulf Ward, click here…..

To read about Plumbing for Bus Nuts by Dave Galey, click here…..

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Check out this month’s Bus Chat – Jake Brake Circuit Breaker Size?, click here…..

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