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1964 PD4106-2516

1st owner bought it 4-3-1989 from an island resort in Washington.  They began the conversion and completed it in the early 90's.  Not sure why they lost interest in the coach, but my wife's grandfather bought it in 1995.  I bought it from grandpa in September 2017.

Pictures are of my daughter from the first time I ever saw the bus (wasn't allowed to enter or touch it), and the day we picked it up to drive it home.
I am finding things every day that are so cool about the coach.  It is such an exciting adventure.  Love, love, love it!!
Research told me that this was originally purchased by Alaska Hyway Tours.  They bought 3 buses in 1964.  Bus 2514, 2515, and 2516.  They numbered them 109, 110, 111 in their fleet.  Check out the really cool and original find.  I have all the receipts from the complete conversion along with all the work that has been done since.  It is really interesting looking through them, seeing what was bought, the cost back in 1989, etc.

Let me know if the pictures should be sized differently.  I have many I plan on sharing on the trip home, along with the story.  It was more than an adventure.

click for original picture size:

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