Author Topic: Slider for passanger chair?  (Read 5692 times)

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Re: Slider for passanger chair?
« Reply #15 on: November 25, 2006, 08:49:51 AM »
Here is  completely different approach that leaves the stairwell always open for the convenience of the driver getting in and out.

Buy a rear hub out of any small car and weld it  to a plate of suitable size to be bolted to the bus framing. Inside the hub, mount a small air cykinder connected to the park brake lever. This will provide positive locking and on a MCI can be connected to the door lock cylinder. Make a pivot arm out of  1 1/2" X 5"x .125 wall and put it on the wheel bokts inside the tube with a removeable cover to access the nuts and the hub bearing.

Buy or make a rotating seat

base that is lockable and mount it under the co-pilot seat. With carefull measuring and calculating (and/or cut and fit) you can rotate and lock the seat beside the driver's seat. By mounting the seat off center (front to back and side to side) you can have the seat in the desired position beside the driver and also in the desired position when rotated to the rear.

I have used this method in three buses with design improvements on each succeeding one and they work well. BTW: Before I started on my first bus, I was told that I would have to do three befre I got one right. Note that I stopped after three.

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Re: Slider for passanger chair?
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Hello Stan

That sounds very interesting, could you post some pictures of that set up?

Thanks, Duane
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