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Re: TomC
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Ed H.,

Go to and there are tons of pictures of logging equipment.  Great site.  Might even be a pic of the tower you set chokers on back when you were a pup, lol.  Be sure to watch the great video on the Alaska History window.

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Our Fire Department In The Day Had Manual Trannys
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Nowadays they are all automatics, (Allisons?) but back-in-the-day, (1972-1978) the master mechanic did not like automatics, (didn't know anything about them?) and the city had to pay EXTRA to get the new American LaFrance fire apparatus built with Fuller T-905/1105M 5 speed MANUAL transmissions.

No big deal.  Most of us Engineer guys drove trucks on our day off and having to shift was no big deal.  I did break a companion flange in several pieces just backing up into the station.  Seems the DD8V71N governor was not quite right and I was a little bit rough with the clutch.  It was already cracked around 3 bolt holes.

We did have several new fire personnel who could not drive a stick shift vehicle at all and it was a "pain in the rear" trying to teach them to shift a fire engine.  No mechanical talent at all.  But FWIW, we did not have enclosed cabs, heaters, A/C, air bags, suspension seats or drink holders back then either.   HB of CJ (old coot)

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Re: TomC
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Hey Mark, thanks for that website. Brought back some memories for sure.  i worked for Weyerhauser from 77-81 out of the Snoqualmie Wa. mill.....all gone now.
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