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Author Topic: June 2013 Print Issue of BCM is in the Mail!!!  (Read 1412 times)

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June 2013 Print Issue of BCM is in the Mail!!!
« on: June 12, 2013, 04:45:54 PM »
The First Class issues of the June 2013 magazine will be arriving later this week, and the Standard Print issues shortly thereafter. If you are on the E-Magazine mailing list, you should have already received your issue and have probably finished reading it by now.

This issue contains the following articles;

     "Big Blue Bear Lake” By Sandy Koos
     “Bus History Project” By John Swartley
     “Gh osts of Highway 61 Dixie Tour”
     “The $300 Paint Job” By Anthony Brady
     “Can Your Fresh H20 Tank Last a Month?”
     “BCM Article Submission Guidelines”

Don’t forget about the special we are running this month. New subscribers can sign up for  a one year subscription with a onetime discount of $19.95 (savings of $5.05) for the PDF issue, which is emailed to you monthly, or $29.95 (savings of $8.05) for the standard printed edition mailed to your home.   The printed issue discount only applies to U.S. residents. A few E-Magazine edition benefits are; you can read BCM on your computer, iPad or other compatible device or even your smart phone.  The E-Magazine onetime discount applies to everyone, not just U.S. Residents.

So if you are not currently a BCM subscriber, now is the best time to start receiving the only bus conversion magazine on the market as the price will never be this low again.  To receive this onetime special, order the magazine online as indicated above and after you click on the Checkout Button, in the “Enter Gift/Coupon Code”, enter one of the two Codes below.
For the “Online Edition”, which can be read online, downloaded, or emailed to you, on your computer or an iPad or other compatible device or smart phone, enter the following Coupon Code:  PDF0513 Unless otherwise specified, the PDF will be emailed to you so be sure to include your email address on the order form.  If you want to read the magazine online, at BusConversions.com, also enter your choice of passwords in the notes on the order form.  Once we get your email address into the system, this will be your password to access the current magazine and the two previous issues online each month.

For the “Print Edition”, starting with the Publishers Bus issue, enter the following Coupon Code: PRT0513.  This Print Edition discount only applies to U.S. residents because of the high cost of mailing magazines outside of the country.  Sorry.

Both Coupon Codes are valid until July 1st so order your subscription or a subscription for a friend now, while it is fresh in your mind.

Also, don’t forget about the advantages of receiving your BCM issue electronically, by E-mail, downloaded from our website or to read on-line….

It arrives at least two weeks before the printed magazine.
The dog will not eat it.

It can be read on any computer, iPad or compatible device, or smart phone.
You can zoom in to make the text larger and easier to read.
You can search the entire PDF by words or phrases.

It will not get lost in the mail.
When you travel, you will not have to change your forwarding snail mail address.
You will not incur mail forwarding fees when you are on the road.
It will not be stolen by the mailman or your neighbor that is also into buses.
You will not have to go out in the rain, sleet, hail, or snow or windy days to retrieve it.

It takes up much less space in your bus.
It will not turn yellow, get musty, dusty, mildewed or fade.
It will not get torn up or crushed if it gets run over.
It will not get stained with coffee, beer, or wine.
By clicking on any ad, the hotlink will take you directly to their website.
If your computer is lost or stolen, we will replace all of your E-Magazines for free from here on out.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to convert your print subscription over to a PDF issue that will be emailed to you or you can read it online on our website.   We can only convert you over via email or over the phone.  If you have any problems ordering your magazine online, contact our office and we will take your information over the phone.  For all other information email me at Lisa@BusConversions.com or call me at the office at (714) 903 1784.

We hope you enjoy your June issue.



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Re: June 2013 Print Issue of BCM is in the Mail!!!
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If I spill JACK DANIELS on it will that stain it? You forget to mention that. :) Thanks for the great attention to detail when it comes to handling each issue since it has greatly improved.