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wiper fix parts
« on: August 08, 2013, 11:23:43 AM »
what's the chances of taking my front wiper apart, cleaning it all up and getting it back together so it works well without needing any parts?  it does work, just seems to have way more stop and go.  usually, i can get it to go on, but then it stops.  turning it off slaps it back into place.  there is a time delay on the driver side that i'm not sure is working correctly.  at one point early this year, i seem to have got it into just the right place and the wiper worked great.  until the rain quit and i turned it off.  i could not get it to work without manually turning it on, then off at the next rain storm a few days later.

fortunately, we use rainx and usually don't need wipers. 

So do i need some special parts most truck places don't carry before i start on it?
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Re: wiper fix parts
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2013, 12:48:36 PM »
Follow the wires from the delay switch and you find a small 12v solenoid that controls the air that goes to a sensor at the windshield it was made by Maverick International no parts are available for the delay Tom  

 Jefferson may have that small solenoid, I doubt he will have the sensor or the switch check with Ed they may have come up with a parts source for those if not just remove it and go on with one less gadget 

Also in the wiper system on your 15 are 2 pre set regulators that will go bad if the valves at the dash are leaking you may need new ones  just a few items for you check over 

The kits for wiper motors are easy to come by and your 15 they are easy to remove from the front panels under the windshield outside 

good luck  
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