Author Topic: Seated Coaches for Sale - GM PD4905 and Ex-NJT MC-9s  (Read 987 times)

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Seated Coaches for Sale - GM PD4905 and Ex-NJT MC-9s
« on: October 01, 2013, 05:42:52 PM »
All -

Luke at US Coach has some coaches which retired from service with the Jersey Surf drum corps for sale - they are still seated.  Ordinarily, I would recommend running from any commercial equipment used by a non-profit organization, however Luke's garage maintained these guys, so they are likely an exception to that rule.

Per Luke:
"It (the PD4905) ran again this season and is currently for sale. Bus was bought new by US Government and ran in Nevada. Then operated by State of N.J. prison system for a few years and then we bought it. ( I am on the board of Directors of the Surf Corp.) So low total miles and well maintained. My company maintained it when N.J. owned it and for the Surf. We rebuilt the 8V71 several years ago and it has a VS-2 automatic.

... we do not have a web site, however if you know someone interested in buying the 4905 or the ex NJT MC-9's, they can Email me at:"

That is all I have, just passing along the info - and a picture of the Buffalo, with one of the MC-9s hiding behind it.

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