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Author Topic: E-Magazine for November 2013 Issue of BCM  (Read 1434 times)

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E-Magazine for November 2013 Issue of BCM
« on: October 29, 2013, 07:34:13 PM »
The November Issue has been sent to all E-Magazine subscribers.  The print magazines will be mailed on Friday.  First Class subscriptions should arrive within a week after that.  Standard Subscriptions should arrive shortly after that. 

This issue contains the following articles;

        Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Bus Conversions:   Gary Hall
        Life on the Road:  Sandy Koos
        Working with Wood:  Wayward Wulf
        It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere:  Ted Gilbert
        1979 MCI 5C Conversion:   Jim Threatt
        MCI-8 History:  Mike Conners
        Hauling a Motorcycle in the Bay:  Bus Chat

Have you ever needed any parts for your bus?  Have you had to repair or replace any appliances such as Refrigerators, Water Heaters, Furnaces, Stoves, Ovens, Water Pumps, etc.?   Has your bus ever required service such as oil and filter changes, engine rebuilds, transmission repairs, A/C service?  Have you ever bought new tires for your rig?  If you have, you could be of great assistance to the bus conversion community and help yourself out as well.

We are constantly in search of new advertisers.   If you deal with companies that supply parts and services to those of us that that own and operate bus conversions, tell them about Bus Conversion Magazine and let them know that we can help them increase their sales with an ad in our magazine and on our website.

Our ads start out as little as $17 per month in our Service Directory.  Our website has over 170,000 Page Views and over 15,000 Unique Visitors each month.  If they purchase at least a 1/8 page  Display ad in the magazine for as little as $77 per month, they will qualify for a free Banner Ad on our website that has close to 1 Million hits per month.

The next time you see them, give them our phone number or email address and we will work with them to increase their business.  If they agree to run their ad for at least three months, after they pay their first invoice, we will send you a check for the entire first full month’s payment, or add it to you subscription duration, your choice.  Our Full Page ads cost up to $510/month, so if they decide to purchase a Full Page size ad, you will receive a check for $510. That would be a nice addition to your Christmas Fund this year now wouldn’t it?

If you have questions contact Lisa at Lisa@BusConversions.com

Thank you,

Gary – Publisher
Lisa - Office Manager
Linda - Subscriptions and Accounting   
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Re: E-Magazine for November 2013 Issue of BCM
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Keep up the good work next to my classic truk mag BCM is the only one worth reading, look forward to it each rime. Thanks for all you do.
Regards Andy
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