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Re: Muldoonman
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Dave, we still do a lot of 12V71's and they are all twin turbo most with either 7G70 or 75 injectors. I do work with one owner that has them at 720 hp but I don't like to go over 65-70 hp per hole even in marine use it cuts the life of the engine down. I don't think the engines are big enough for sustained hp above that amount. Having said that 100 hp per hole is easy to get out of these engines over that you need to do some things to them.

One of the 8V71's I built for a guy that wanted to go racing I did a lot of extra work to the lower end and the heads.


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Re: Muldoonman
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Don,  For sure, sure understand your comments, most of my builds were for big power, some for longevity.  Will always take a 71 over a 92 for longevity, The biggest I rebuilt was the 16V-92, interesting job, not as enjoyable, too big,  Have a few 12V-92 units, all Generators, heck even did a twin 6-71 into a 200 kw, two twin disk clutches, interesting ,they were about half inch apart, common gearbox, was the LA & RB pair if I remember the layout.  That was 30 yrs ago.  Had them pulling same exhaust temp, fuel flow, was a nice project.
These new DDEC etc are way over my experience, I'm a mechanical type.  Show my age  ;D
Played a few 6-110, stayed clear of the 149 stuff too.
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