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Re: This Day In History
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Re: This Day In History
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My Mom worked for Holston Valley Defense, Kingsport, TN during the war, she and dozens of other ladies tested dynamite and such in order to make bigger and badder bullets and bombs! (Her mom worked at Holston Arms making rifles across town)!
The day we went into Berlin, the supervisors went running through the plant, (Underground I might add) screaming, "We are in Berlin' and our bombs made it happen!" (They knew that without the biggest and baddest bombs, we would not take Berlin)!
Once Germany was defeated, they stated working on something very secret! The day the Atomic Bomb hit Hiroshima, the supervisors went running through the plant again screaming, "An A-bomb just hit Japan, and we helped!"
They built that underground part fast out of green timbers, some a couple of feet square, Mom told that they would be working with dynamite, one of those timbers would crack in the drying out process, at first they assumed it was the end! After awhile they got used to it and didn't think about it anymore!
Dad was in Great Brittan in the Navy during that time!
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Re: This Day In History
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I have been to the Holston Army Ammo Plant @ Kingsport, was involved with an electrical upgrade using
 ASCO auto switchs, that was about 15 yrs ago. Spent about a week on site testing the unitsq, was amazed at the security there, mostly for spark and fire.
The biggie when I was invlved was the making and  storing C4..
Was also amazed at the safety procedure, quick exiting bldgs, floodng areas and the govt railroad system.
Was run by BAE contractors, another surprise.
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