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Re: Eagle Owners - Notice something missing?
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JC's experience with this muffler is similar to what I noticed when I changed the complete exhaust system on one of my Ford F350 dually pickups with the 7.3L Powerstroke engine. The pipes are all 4" stainless, as well as the straight-thru muffler with glass-pak design. The noise level is a little higher, mostly in the lower tones, but it is not annoying. It would be hard to say that it definitely pulls better, but it is the same or slightly better. The most notable difference is that I use fewer gallons of fuel on identical runs pulling a loaded trailer. I have not calculated the exact fuel mileage, but it is a notable and worthwhile difference. In the case of a bus with a 92 series 2 cycle, if the noise level with one 5" muffler is too high, maybe splitting the 5" pipe into two 4" or 5" pipes with mufflers on each would work better, and would still sound cool coming out of two roof stacks.
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