Author Topic: Things I wish I had bought years ago...  (Read 3017 times)

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Re: Things I wish I had bought years ago...
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There comes a point that your almost done(never done) and all those tools and extra supplies have to come out of bus.  Geeze-- been cleaning out cabinets I have stored tools and supplies in and now have this to put up! I have noticed in stages that some tools have been lonely for many months. I have allot of air tools from drills ,screw guns,shears,air staplers,chisels and nailers. Plus the battery operated tools you have mentioned. These will join the lonely tools in storage draws in shop for a well deserved rest.  Bus building is a good excuse to buy tools!!!  The tools that will get occasional use include the battery powered drill and driver.  Now to make list what needs to ride along in bus.
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