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Re: We're home, we're home, WE'RE HOME!
« Reply #15 on: January 18, 2007, 02:16:56 PM »
Ok I'm not real good with words ESPECIALLY when it comes to typing them here as ya'll know but you just got give credit to where it's due. Anytime Susan can give me, literally give me, ANYTHING I want or need AND put up with, well, you know what she puts up with and still want me by her side at everything we do has got to be a real record! I mean if you think about it, before I met her I was married to another and had absolutely nothing. I mean the more I had the more I lost for one reason or another and of course a divorce which was the best thing. I met Susan and I have never been ashamed to say publicly that she was then and still is my angel sent from heaven! Now don't go getting the wrong impression. Just because I don't attend church every sunday or any sunday for that matter doesn't mean I don't believe in him. I truly do because there has been way too many times that things have happend in my life and I always ask why? Heck I don't even ask anymore! I have come to believe that things happen for a reason and the best thing that happened to me was Susan came into my life. From that day on it has been one of the best lifes pleasures one man could ever want. We do everything together, and go everywhere together. I used to have guy friends but when Susan came into my life, she came first. Would you believe some of the guys got jealous and mad? Well I pick my friends carefully now because true friends wouldn't care who I shared my life with and they know up front that she comes first and them second, after "Bud" of course! :)

You guys that have a good woman? Keep her! I'm keeping mine as long as the man above keeps us together as a team and that's what we are! 

Yea, I can say I've been blessed and proud to say it!


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Re: We're home, we're home, WE'RE HOME!
« Reply #16 on: January 18, 2007, 02:53:22 PM »
Proud to be able to post in this topic, I'm also bleeesssed with a great wife (Nedra). Together for 30 years if we make it to the 22nd of this month.
took a bus ride today only about 25 miles around some of the small county roads (Suwannee) what fun and my excuse was I need the practice..He-Heee.



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Re: We're home, we're home, WE'RE HOME!
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Christy, see what you started..... ::) ::)

It is great to hear all the blessings that we all have. Especially when us men talk about it, now that's the best.

Ace, So glad you feel that way about meeting Susan and how your life's direction is taking both of you. I met my bride after a horrible relationship that was take, take and more take. Becky has brought more joy to me than anyone else. She even commented when we first met, "Your bus is great, I have always wanted to travel and see this great country". Now it can't get better than that. We enjoy so many things together it is impossible to describe, she is my best friend. Becky has supported me in this Eagle Coach transformation to no end. Her input is much appreciated in every aspect. Can't wait for her touch on the inside. I hope we can go on first Bus ride TOGETHER after Texas thaws out. I met a guy in Winters last March that has several Eagles and owns a Bus Repair Shop. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Every else that has repsonded to this Off Topic Post, Super to hear all your thoughts.

Happy Trails,




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Re: We're home, we're home, WE'RE HOME!
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I have to go along with everything thats been said here.
I didn't know what life could be like before I met Cat. If it hadn't been for her, I may not even been alive today.
She supports most everything I do and never cuts me down. When I'm wrong, (often), she gently points it out. When I'm right, she is the first to congratulate me.

Thank you Christy, for bringing up the idea of your best friend.
I truely am blessed by meeting and marrying mine.