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Setting Up Your Profile Tips*
« on: April 25, 2006, 11:39:44 AM »
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After completion of your initial registration it is important that you complete the profile information to give the other members some personal information regarding yourself and to set up the appearance and the action of the board to suit your preferences.
To print this topic, or any other topic, select PRINT at top or bottom of page. This will produce a black and white printer friendly page with posts in chronological order.

Select Profile: (fourth button at the top of any page)
You will get the Profile Page with several options to choose  from.

@ Modify Profile:
Select: Look and Layout Preferences

This page allows you to edit some settings and pick a Theme. You can pick a desired time format and set a time-offset (+- Hours) from the server time to match your own local time. There are a number of visual options you can select including:

@ Current Theme: Click on Change to view the three themes  available, which are:     
   Forum (board Default),
   Classic YaBB SA,
Selecting Preview will give you an example of what the board will look like using that theme. Once you have decided which theme to use, then select:
Use This Theme then click on Modify Profile (at bottom of page)
Return to the home page by using the back arrow to review what the new overall board appearance is. Personally I prefer the appearance of the Classic YaBB SA theme.

Show Board descriptions inside boards. This will show the same description that you see next to each Board Index inside each Board as well.

Show child boards on every page inside boards, not just the first.
 If you select this, Child Boards will be listed on every page of a Board rather then just the first page of a board. A Board will have multiple-pages when there are more topics than the defined number of topics per-page on the Board has been reached.

Don't show other users' avatars. –
 Select this to hide the display of member's avatars. This may speed page viewing for those who have dial-up internet connection.

Don't show other users' signatures. –
To disable  showing signatures underneath each Post made by a member, check this.

Return to topics after posting by default. - 
Check this box if you wish to return to the Post you just submitted instead of returning to the index of the Board you made the Post in.

Don't warn on new replies made while posting. –
While posting a topic, another Member could have posted a Reply  since you started posting a reply, with this unchecked, a warning will be shown before the Post  is submitted telling you a Reply (or replies)  was made to the topic, giving you an opportunity to adjust your post before it is submitted taking in whatever new replies were made. Check this if you wish to not show the warning and just submit the reply receiving no warning of new posts.

Show most recent posts at the top. –
Having this checked will show the newest posts first in a Topic  and the replies will get older and older as they go along instead of showing the oldest posts first and the replies getting newer and newer as you go down to the topic page.

Show most recent personal messages at top. -
Checking this will show the most recent personal messages on the top, and they will go down as they get older and older.

First day of the week on the calendar. –
Pick the day you wish the calendar to show as the first day of the week. You can pick Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Use Quick Reply on Topic display. –
Select if you wish to not show Quick Reply at all, or show it but have it collapsed (meaning you must expand it before using it), or just show it expanded at all times.

Time Format:
Select the format that you find most helpful. Personally, I prefer the next to the bottom selection that spells out the month and the clock is based on a 24 hour time.

Time Offset:
The board is set to Pacific Standard Time by default. If you live in any other time zone, then you must enter the time difference between your time zone and the default time zone. For example members in the Eastern time zone will enter +3 to make time displayed equal to their local time.

Signatures are a part of a Member's profile, which are usually displayed beneath a post made by that user in most themes. When the member changes the signature in their profile, it will be changed for all of the posts they have made automatically.

Signatures can be formatted much like posts, although it is generally considered to be rude to have a very large or very flashy signature.

Do not forget: Always go to bottom of page and click change profile to complete the change you want to make in your profile.
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