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Author Topic: 24VDC generator UPDATE:  (Read 16634 times)

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Re: 24VDC generator UPDATE:
« Reply #60 on: January 29, 2007, 04:17:53 PM »
6: A lot of your posts indicate that you are not receptive to recommendations for a different way,   but just want someone to do the technical design for your idea.
Stan, you are absolutely right! You see, quite a few people DID NOT read the first post in its entirety or if they ever did, severely misinterpreted the whole premise of this thread!
Without sounding so redundant, my first sentence is:
..................."I have decided to use a DC (24V) generator vs AC in my bus conversion.
And at the end of the same post, there were a couple of questions:
..................."Does anybody have a personal experience with DC generators in general?"
..................."Any other options on the DC generators?" .....in reference to the G24/175 made by Ample power.
Without sounding arrogant,  I was NOT in search for a recommendation for a different way of power generating.
Remember the first sentence? It means I've made up my mind way before typing the first post of this thread.

The questions were directed at other Busnuts with personal experience on DC generating. I don't see any other interpretation to an otherwise very simple question.  Trust me, if I have the working design and schematic, I would be at a fabricator in a NY second and not begging for DC experiences here.

Since I pressumed "everyone knew" that I had already "decided" on the DC generator, I was also as honest on my hunt for the Busnuts with actual experiences on this project  who are willing to share their DC experiences.  Homegrowndiesel comes to mind who unselfishly and courageously stepped up to the plate and publicly posted his DC generating experience. I am very impressed with his set-up & success and I would welcome every opportunity to pick his brain apart or any other Busnut like him. I was not going to re-invent the wheel if I don't have to.  Makes sense?

However only one thing bothers me. The fact that some people get offended when their recommendation "to do it a different way" (like you said) and should go the AC genset route instead of DC" is not acknowledged, is bothersome.  I tried to be  diplomatic by not asking them to go back and read the first post in it's entirety. And as not to sound brash and abraisive, I avoided getting involved in the debate and argument on technical intricacies of micro-electric production which had no bearing on my project.

All I was looking for are some sensible answers to a few DC questions which HighTechRedneck so eloquently and intelligently answered.
His  #6 recomendation is "The golden rule" which I learned too late in a short period time I am a member of this board.
No wonder the folks that are doing similar project as this or interested in such a project are reluctant to respond and inquire publicly.
OK. I started this thread and I'll handle the brunt of the anger of the AC genset God. It's a shame people are ostracised for thinking outside the box in this forum.  But no worries, I will not make the posts of a few rotten coconuts destroy my high regard to the other helpfull members of this board.

I beg the moderators to close this thread as it has been degraded to a "Technical Bee".
I'll take HighTechRedneck's #6 suggestion seriously and discuss this project in private.
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Re: 24VDC generator UPDATE:
« Reply #61 on: January 29, 2007, 08:48:45 PM »
    I have been using a DC generator that I found on E-bay a couple of years ago.  It was a
    communications generator that uses 32vdc.  I managed to reduce the volts via a load bank.
    Now I can dial in 28vdc on the pot on the regulator. Still tweaking the regulator and wire
    size.  Also used an automotive amp meter to see the amps being put out.  WOW - - - 60amps
    is neat to look at.  Just got back from three days in Quartzite AZ and the gen worked great.
                              Good luck.