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Re: Vanner Equalizer
« Reply #30 on: October 30, 2017, 06:32:31 PM »
After a couple months of 95% boondocking and a handful of days on the pole this is where I land on the electrical topic.

Coach configured as follows:

Start batteries - 2 x 12v (series) Grp 31 start
House batteries - 4 x 6v (series) Golf cart deep cycle
Generator battery 1 x 12v start

Generator - 2 x 120v x 33 amps
Vanner inverter/charger 3400 watts 120v x 30amps continuous
Vanner 12v equalizer - 60amps

numerous wall plugs
AC x 2 roof
hot water heater

alarm system

Dometic refrig 3 way (running on propane)

Generator battery - critical. There have been multiple times when house and start batteries were failing and the generator pumps enough juice into the batteries to be able to start the coach. One time the generator battery was dead along with the others and then zero way to start the coach. Got a jump on the gen battery, started generator, started coach.

Generator required to run the AC, hot water heater, coffee maker, and microwave if used for more than a few minutes.

Typically, house and start batteries are not connected together. House batteries and generator run everything in the coach. Generator runs for an hour or two in the morning to recharge house batteries, make coffee, heat up the hot water, heat up any morning food in the microwave. During the day, house batteries are used for TV or other connected devices such as laptop and phone chargers. Generator runs about an hour during the early evening to charge up house batteries, power kitchen stuff, lights.

Planned upgrades - Add 400 watts solar to fully charge house batteries and allow running the refrig on electric instead of propane. If not sufficient add another panel or two.

Some folks strive to eliminate the generator. My goal is to minimize the need for the generator but acknowledge it is going to be used in conjunction with solar to deliver all the needed energy.
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Re: Vanner Equalizer
« Reply #31 on: October 30, 2017, 07:00:12 PM »
The generator is definitely the most important thing on my bus. The solar panels do help too. But overnight in a rest area or Walmart without hook ups at 20 below in the winter, and the genny is indeed essential...

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