Author Topic: suspension adj. on '64 model 01 silver eagle  (Read 1629 times)

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suspension adj. on '64 model 01 silver eagle
« on: April 11, 2018, 03:44:36 PM »
almost 3" difference between l&r sides. anyone have good steps on how to do this?

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Re: suspension adj. on '64 model 01 silver eagle
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If you’ll go here:

And scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see 4 posts by Smoothjazz, with very detailed instructions on how to check and adjust your Eagle suspension.

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Re: suspension adj. on '64 model 01 silver eagle
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Those are pretty good instructions, the catch is when you adjust one area, it affects other axles. Having the front axle at the right height makes steering easier and evens out the tire wear. If you adjust the rear axle, the bogie axle (correction - you have a tag) will lighten up. If there is not enough weight on the tags, they will be the first tires to lock up when you make a brisk stop. It is a big can of worms, but once everything is adjusted, the ride is superb. It also helps if you have a full pit to work in, or the ability to jack the bus up. You need room to swing big wrenches with extra pipes or a winch. Some of those nuts will not want to move easily, but you will save thousands if you can do it yourself.  ;)
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