Author Topic: Maiden Voyage in my MCI  (Read 2351 times)

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Maiden Voyage in my MCI
« on: June 15, 2018, 06:14:15 PM »
Other than the drive from Houston to Midland TX when I purchased the MCI, Fred and I haven't taken it anyplace.   We have been residing in it full time while working outside Midland.  Yesterday I finally got a break from work so Fred and I scheduled to go to Maryland to help my son move.  So I guess its time to see how the MCI is going to do.   

We drove from Big Spring TX to Nashville TN.  We pulled a F150 with out any issue. The onboard generator ran 2 AC units and Alexa. We averaged 6.26 mpg.  New tires were great.  A few DUMB @$$'$ that looked at me, made eye contact then pulled out.   I guess they like their lives less than I do mine.   While in Nashville I had to replace the 2 engine batteries, and get the bus registered.  The Texas title says its an MCA.  TN DMV asked what MCA stood for, I played dumb not wanting them to link MCA to MCI that may in turn result into Insurance Issues not wanting to insure a bus.   The lady cam back stating its a Motor Coach America.

Next Leg is to go to Baltimore, load up my sons belongings and move him to Nashville. 
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I live in Nashville,  and Reside in my 5A in Big Spring TX for work at the moment,  Will update as I move around.