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Author Topic: Where Do I Put MY Harley-Davidson  (Read 7812 times)

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Re: Where Do I Put MY Harley-Davidson
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Chaz, come on down to Myrtle Beach end of May...or Daytona in a couple weeks, and you'll see plenty pickups with two bikes in the truck and more on a trailer being pulled by a truck. 
You are right about "asking for problems"...we do estimates and repairs frequently enough related to these "bright" ideas.   
Same as Sean, I ride a Suz 650, but not an SV...a DL.  But don't have any interest in carrying it with me when bussin...however, I've got another idea for a toad (other than my Cherokee and Astro Van).  A Yamaha Rhino 660 with a dealer tag would allow toot'n all over the campground in comfort for two people and the music stuff in the back.  If you had to run down to the store for....say, adult beverages or something, a Rhino can easily run over 60 MPH for several miles.   Set of nice rims and street tires oughta fix it up.  Already has lighting and brake lights, seat belts, roll cage, big fuel tank.  Neat toy.   Wouldn't be any less safe than a MC.   Sorta like a golf cart from Hell!  Install some sound, bikini top....cup holders.. ;) 
The downside....the trailer (and $9K for the Rhino).  You gotta keep it in a covered trailer or it'll be gone as fast as a Harley.   
An enclosed trailer isn't an issue unless used in "back-in" campsites in campgrounds.  Pull through sites often will accomodate a trailer.  Don't have to unhook.   Unlike a motorcyle...a Rhino, with it's 2" hitch receiver,  will hook up to the trailer and park it if necessary.  Some coach owners never go into campgrounds...they wouldn't have a problem with a trailer.   
Waiting to see what Matsuchuck uses to tx the HD...?  Sorry about hijacking your thread...with about 30* outside...life's a little slow.  Just cannot wait for some Global Warming!   :)

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