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Installing windshields...
« on: February 21, 2007, 12:18:44 AM »
Well, I wasn't sure that I could do it but I reinstalled the
windshields in my MC-9. It took a little time and although I did it
by myself, I highly recommend having someone help if you can.
I had removed the windshields to raise the roof, so
first I cleaned the framing, installed new rubber on the glass, put
a rope in the channel of the rubber that fits the flange, and set
the window in place with the bottom resting over the flange.

Then I slowly pulled the rope out of the channel from the inside and
positioned the rubber over the flange starting at the bottom and
working my way all around the glass. It is slow work, at least for
an amateur, and it gets more difficult as the last part of the
rubber trim gets pulled into place.

The last part is probably the most difficult. That is installing
the rubber beading on the outside channel. I'm sure professionals
have a special tool for this. I didn't. So I made a makeshift tool
which spread the channel wide enough as I pulled it along and slowly
fitted the insert all the way around.
Now I just have to check for leaks….. :-\

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Re: Installing windshields...
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2007, 06:44:07 AM »
I had a professional do the passenger side of my 4108.  Cost me 100.00 for no kidding, 10 minutes work.  :(

     I ordered the tool from Luke for 20 bucks.
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